Thursday, November 7, 2013

Send Thank-You Notes Via E-mail or Snail Mail?

Do you send a thank-you note after an interview? According to Therese Droste, “The thank-you letter after an interview is a necessary tool for any job-hunting strategy."

Sending a thank-you-for-the-interview note demonstrates your soft skills; you can reinforce your communication skills, attitude, and professionalism in your follow-up note. People hire people they like.

So, let’s focus on giving thanks this month. Thanksgiving is defined as “an act of giving thanks.” Seems appropriate for November, right? 

If you’re hiring someone, does receiving a thank-you note have an influence on your selection? Do you think the notes are necessary? 

If you’re the applicant and you’ve decided to send a thank-you note, do you think it’s better to send it electronically or through the U.S. mail? Please share your ideas on this topic. 

Judy Beaver, The Office Pro
Founder of National Proofreading Day

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